my life and school

so i ice skating right, Im there like 30-40 hours a week. all of suden all these people from school start to skate. one of them said to me that this was super essy i was like ok go and do a flip she was like what is that so i should her i said if its that eassy can u do that by that time she fell right on her ass i was lol.

so now she said she might work there, but she is yunger than me + she nver gos.

 im there 3 times a week so i can work there and now she starting hockey just cas she wonts all the guys all over her im like * 1) your ugley 2) you cant skate 3) no one even likes you *

1) every time i skate with you all the hockey players hang with me mess with me

2) you nver wont to just skate you just wont someone to tap your ass and we all now that ant ganna hapen

so now you now :) <3 love you guys -rebekah

(at skating)